Ketv Road Conditions (2024)

1. Omaha Traffic Updates - KETV NewsWatch 7

  • Use our interactive traffic map to get the latest information about construction and congestion on the roadways. Use it to plan your route and stay ahead of ...

  • Visit for updates on traffic in the Omaha metropolitan area.

2. Traffic To Go - Omaha - KETV

  • Click Here For The Latest Traffic on our interactive traffic map. To track a specific collision, click into the map and zoom into the location you'd like to ...

  • Click Here For The Latest Traffic Information

3. Local Omaha Breaking News and Live Alerts - KETV NewsWatch 7

  • Crashes on Interstate 80 in... · Crime Stoppers · Iowa man arrested for shooting...

  • KETV NewsWatch 7 is your source for the latest local headlines and live alerts. Visit Omaha's most reliable source for breaking news.

4. Omaha road conditions: Fluffy snowfall, limited visibility for Friday

5. Omaha road conditions: Fluffy snow creates wet roads early Friday - KETV

  • Mar 8, 2024 · The snow appears to be accumulating on grassy and elevated areas but is largely melting when it hits sidewalks and pavement, but slush is ...

  • Fluffy, blowing snow created wet driving conditions in the Omaha area ahead of the Friday morning commute.

6. Omaha metro lane restrictions, street closures - KETV

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  • More construction is closing down lanes around the Omaha metro.

7. Nebraska Road Conditions -

8. Current Road Conditions in Omaha

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  • (402) 444-5220

9. Omaha snow guide: Road conditions, closings for winter weather - KETV

  • Jan 11, 2024 · Omaha snow guide: Road conditions, flight delays, closings and everything you need for winter weather · GET LOCAL BREAKING NEWS ALERTS · Road ...

  • When winter weather hits the Omaha area, we have what you need to stay informed and up-to-date.

10. Traffic | 3 News Now Omaha - KMTV

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  • 3 News Now brings you breaking and developing news, weather, traffic and sports coverage from the Omaha metro area KMTV-TV and

11. Road conditions: Snowy weather creates slick spots ahead of ... - KETV

  • Feb 16, 2024 · GET LOCAL BREAKING NEWS ALERTS. The latest breaking updates, delivered straight to your email inbox. ... Blowing snow continuing to fall through 6 ...

  • Blowing snow and intermittent flurries are causing some trouble spots on the roads Friday morning

12. Omaha News, Weather and Sports - Nebraska News - KETV NewsWatch 7

  • Get the latest Omaha news, sports and weather from team at KETV – and find out why we're Omaha's favorite news source.

  • Get the latest Omaha news, sports and weather from team at KETV – and find out why we’re Omaha’s favorite news source.

Ketv Road Conditions (2024)


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