Inside Out 2: All 10 Emotions Confirmed to Appear (2024)

The cast of emotions in Disney's Inside Out 2 is filled with talented performers who will undoubtedly provide yet another satisfying Pixar tale.

The story follows Kensington Tallman’s Riley Anderson (and her parents, played by Diane Lane and Kyle MacLachlan) as she’s forced to navigate puberty while attending a hockey summer camp.

While Riley may have come to terms with her basic emotions in the first movie, this time, a new group of emotions threatens to upend her entire belief system and create a new, but potentially not better, Riley.

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Confirmed Emotions & Actors in Inside Out 2

Joy - Amy Poehler

Inside Out 2: All 10 Emotions Confirmed to Appear (1)

Amy Poehler is back as the iconic Joy, the happiest of the emotions (by trade) and the makeshift leader of the bunch. She’s learned to peacefully coexist with her peers better than ever, that is, until puberty comes around and introduces a new team of emotions.

While she’s open to learning about these new emotions, she quickly becomes at odds with Anxiety, who decides it's best to bottle up the old emotions.

Riley is still the most important thing to Joy, and she’ll do everything in her power to make sure she’s okay.

Many know Poehler for her role as Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation, but she also spent time on Saturday Night Live! before that.

Sadness - Phyllis Smith

Inside Out 2: All 10 Emotions Confirmed to Appear (2)

Sadness, played by Phyllis Smith, is still a key part of Riley’s ecosystem. After the first film, the emotions in Riley’s head learned that everyone has a part to play, even the unhappy ones.

She and Joy have a closer bond now, and Sadness seems a bit more confident in everything she does.

Smith played Phyllis Vance from The Office, and she can also be seen in Bad Teacher and Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked.

Anger - Lewis Black

Inside Out 2: All 10 Emotions Confirmed to Appear (3)

Anger is as mad as usual, and the infuriating voice of Lewis Black is there to help Riley blow some steam.

So far, it’s unclear if Anger will have more to do for this second movie, but he’ll at least get to go on a bigger adventure with all the old emotions after they’re bottled up and thrown in a vault.

Fans of Black can also see him in Accepted, Man of the Year, and Jacob’s Ladder.

Fear - Tony Hale

Inside Out 2: All 10 Emotions Confirmed to Appear (4)

While Bill Hader voiced Fear in the first movie, Tony Hale will fill in for this second installment—and he’s the perfect fit.

Fear feels he could easily get along with some of these new emotions (like Anxiety), though he doesn't get much time to test that theory out before being locked away.

Hale is also known for his major roles in Arrested Development and Veep and for portraying Forky in Toy Story 4.

Disgust - Liza Lapira

Inside Out 2: All 10 Emotions Confirmed to Appear (5)

Liza Lapira is stepping in for Mindy Kaling, who voiced the character in the original. While the voice actress may be different, she’s still the same emotion fans know and love.

Hopefully, like the rest of the OG emotion crew, this sequel gives her more to do.

Lapira has recently portrayed Melody Bayani in The Equalizer and also appeared in Unbelievable and 9JKL.

Anxiety - Maya Hawke

Inside Out 2: All 10 Emotions Confirmed to Appear (6)

Maya Hawke is the incredible and crippling Anxiety.

Anxiety is the unspoken leader of these new emotions that arrive when puberty hits Riley. Soon, she starts taking over everything, throwing away the old emotions and looking to create a new, more complex Riley.

Anxiety is the big bad of Inside Out 2.

Hawke’s big breakout role was as Robin Buckley in Stranger Things, and she can also be seen in Do Revenge and Maestro.

Envy - Ayo Edebiri

Inside Out 2: All 10 Emotions Confirmed to Appear (7)

Envy is brought to life by Ayo Edebiri, and while she may be small in size, she makes up for it with her determination and drive.

Based on the first 30 minutes, Envy seems to have a natural admiration for Anxiety. Out of the new emotions, she is the second most talkative.

Edebiri is known for her time in FX’s The Bear, but the actress has also appeared in recent films Bottoms and Theater Camp.

Ennui - Adèle Exarchopoulos

Inside Out 2: All 10 Emotions Confirmed to Appear (8)

Adèle Exarchopoulos plays Eunni, who has a fancy name but is ultimately the embodiment of Boredom. As seems fitting, she doesn't seem to do much in the plot, though who knows what the final movie will bring to the table.

Some might recognize Exarchopoulos from her role in Blue Is the Warmest Color. The actress has also appeared in movies such as Down by Love and Orphan.

Embarrassment - Paul Walter Hauser

Inside Out 2: All 10 Emotions Confirmed to Appear (9)

Paul Walter Hauser is Embarrassment, an emotion as large as it feels when it happens to people. While his size helps him stick out like a sore thumb, his vibrant pink coloring helps. This emotion is also quiet and often trying to hide their face.

Richard Jewell, Black Bird, and I, Tonya are just a small example of the projects Hauser can be viewed in.

Nostalgia - June Squibb

Inside Out 2: All 10 Emotions Confirmed to Appear (10)

Nostalgia is brought to life by June Squibb, and she seems to be the butt of a funny gag in the first 30 minutes of the movie.

She briefly exits a door in Riley’s control room that was originally supposed to house Anger’s steam room (where he would vent his frustrations).

Some of Squibb’s previous projects include Nebraska, Hubie Halloween, and Little Ellen.

BONUS: Bloofy - Ron Funches

Inside Out 2: All 10 Emotions Confirmed to Appear (11)

Bloofy, played by the instantly recognizable Ron Funches, is the mascot of an animated show that Riley used to watch when she was a kid.

While she wants everyone to believe she’s grown out of it, her love for it is still strong. Bloofy also has the habit of breaking the fourth wall to talk to the audience.

Audiences may have heard Funche' voice in both Trolls and Harley Quinn, and he has also showed up in shows like Loot and Powerless.

BONUS: Lance Slashblade - Yong Yea

Inside Out 2: All 10 Emotions Confirmed to Appear (12)

Lance Slashblade is an old video game character that Riley loved and still loves—even if she doesn't want to admit it.

Lance develops a quick admiration for Disgust, who is certainly more than a little smitten by the attention.

Yea’s voice can also be heard in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, and The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse.

Inside Out 2 hits theaters on June 14.

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Inside Out 2: All 10 Emotions Confirmed to Appear (2024)


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