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Poge 6-B
Coleman, Texas, December 17, 1981
Novice News
Written by Nena Wilson
The next few days will be
your opportunity to take part in
your school activities for this
year. Beginning Friday, the
18th, Mrs. Kleypas, Homemak-
ing sponsor, will have a parent-
teacher-student party where
you can visit. your student’s
class, have some refreshments
and see the painting and wood-
work that have been accom-
plished by the students recent-
ly. The 17-18-19th the Jr. High
basketball teams will be in the
Paint Rock tournament. Mon-
day, the 2lst, will be picture
make-up day and all basketball
pictures will be taken. Gifts
exchanged and kindergarten
through 6th will have their
Christmas parties in the morn-
ing of the 23rd. A Christmas
program will be presented at
12:45 that same day and school
will be dismissed immediately
after the play. Classes will
resume on January 4,1982.
Willie Fariss accompanied
Mary Ann Hamon to a dinner
party Monday night in the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Bob
Fleming of Lawn. Mr. Fleming
is postmaster at Lawn. Several
other area postmasters and
wives attended. Mr. and Mrs.
Rex Cate honored Willie Fariss
on her birthday Sunday with
lunch at the Red Lobster in
Abilene. Luncheon guests on
Saturday in the home of Mrs.
Fariss were Mr. and Mrs. Hap
Bearden of Burkett, Ardie
Roberts, Leota and Charles
Randy Roberts, grandson of
Ardie Roberts, and son of Euel
Roberts, and his family from
Odessa spent Thanksgiving
with Ardie. Over the weekend
Ardie Roberts visited with her
son W. A. Roberts and family in
Buffalo Gap.
Opal Daniel shared Thanks
giving with her sister, Alene
and Dale Dorman in Abilene,
staying from Sunday through
Tuesday afterwards.
Those attending the Area IV
FFA Sweetheart and awards
banquet in Abilene at the
Briarstone Manor were:, FFA
Advisor Dortz Brumley and
wife Colleen, FFA president
Jim Lavene, his-dad Chick
Lavene, FFA Sweetheart Em-
ma Wilson; her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Jerald Wilson; her
sister, Frances Wilson; and one
member Linda Adams.
Mrs. Maurine Burroughs
visited Joe’s sister, Mrs. Eva
Stovall in the Bangs nursing
home last Sunday; also Mrs.
McClatchy who is Bro. Pat
McClatchy’s mother.
W. E. and Faye Briggs
attended the funeral of a
brother-in-law, Tip Beeler in
Coleman Monday.
We extend our condolences
to those who have, lost loved
ones, especially to the Leon
Windham family.
Visiting with Jean Mason
and son Joe in the Thelma
Cummings home last week
were Jean’s daughter and fam-
ily, Mr. and Mrs. Delbert
Strength, Michael, Bonnie,
Kelly and Gena from Utah.
Mrs. Mamie Holloway spent
four days recently in Brown-
wood with friends, Harry and
Dorothy Newberry.
Home visitors with the Dan-
ny Hammonds were David
Hammonds, Geneva Sterling,
Jerald Mayo of Coleman, and
Jackie Hammonds of White
Chapel. The Hammonds visited
with the Dan Hammonds and
Tommy Williams also.
Milton Vernon Mow from
Odessa, son of Vernon and
Bobbie Mow, visited with his
parents last week for a few
Mrs. Neal Nicholson, Hazel
Sadler, Esther Owens, and
Rena Jones were in Abilene
last Friday where they toured
the replica of the White House.
They report I’ve heard that it is
worth going to see at West
Gate Mall.
Visitors staying in the Tom
Poindexter home are Tom and
Alice McMenemin of Louisiana.
Tom is a nephew of Mrs. Grace
McMenemin who is still in
Coleman Hospital.
Mrs. C. A. Preas and grand-
daughter Jana attended the
Christmas Cantata at the Con-
10% Off OnAnyNewor
Owt Drugstore
“Where Friends Meet”
cho Baptist Church Sunday
night in Coleman.
Visitors in the Bevie Parham
home recently were Mr. and
Mrs. Douglas Mitchell and boys
from McCamey. Bevie Parham
and Leta Hines were in Odessa
to have a checkup on Bevie’s
eyes and her report was good.
Opal and Bevie were in Abilene
to get glasses changed and last
week Mamie Holloway joined
Bevie for a time in Abilene.
Weekend visitors in the
Owen Casey home were Sonny
Windham of Artesia, N. M.,
Donald McIntyre and daughter
Wanda Jean Marsh of Tuscola,
Leland Stroud from Albuquer-
que, N. M., Lucy and Shorty
Wilson of Ballinger. Sunday
guests were Bernice Casey’s
sister, Mr. and Mrs. Earnest
Bohannon from Bakersfield,
and Bill and Melinda Casey and
Thanks to new subscribers J.
E. Sumners in Abilene; other
renewals are Randolph Saver-
ance, Fannye Armour and
Ralph Allen who says “Merry
Christmas" to Audrey Green
and D. G. Allen with paper
I’m inspired to share Sun-
day’s message briefly. Scrip-
ture was Luke 2:8-20; topic was
“Going to Bethlehem”, as did
the shepherds. We have and
are going everywhere else dur-
ing this season, parties, shop-
ping, visiting and etc., but have
we made our journey to Beth-
lehem to meet the Savior which
IS Christmas? Bethlehem is not
far, just a prayer away. Hope
you make your journey now.
Tight Fit
If you have a fireplace, make
sure the damper fils tightly and
is free of debris for safe and
energy-efficient winter use.
Q. My brother-in-law just bought some over-
sized tires for his car. He claims they'll give it
better stability and handling. Is this true? —
D.S., Port Arthur
A. Not necessarily. Increasing the area of the tire that
contacts the road will usually give you better traction
on dry roads, but might reduce traction on wet roads.
Why? Because making the contact patch larger
reduces the weight per square inch on the road and can
cause hydroplaning at lower speeds This happens
when water builds up in front of a tire until the tire is
actually riding on top of it, like a water ski. Unless the
tread design allows better water drainage, wider tires
may force you to slow to a crawl in wet weather.
Q. I’ve just moved to Texas. What does tlpe law
say about turning headlights on in the evening
and having them on after daybreak? —■ E.W.,
A. Texas law says to turn them on no later than half an
hour after sunset and turn them off no earlier than half
an hour before sunrise. The law also says to turn bn
your lights any time vehicles or persons are not clearly
visible at a distance of 1,000 feet.
Lights not only help you see, they help other drivers
see you. Motorcycle riders often ride with their lights
on during clear daylight just to improve their visibility
to other traffic. You’ll see truckers running with their
lights on anytime near sunset, particularly if the sun is
behind them. If you have trouble seeing other vehicles
that are running without lights, your car is probably
pretty hard to see, too. When other vehicles are easily
visible, with lights on or not, it’s probably safe to turn
yours off.
What's a Mama Bear? That's CB lingo for a female
police person. Tijuana Taxi?A marked police car.
Green stamps are the money you pay if the
Smokey Bears catch you with their X-Ray
Machine (radar) while you've got the Hammer
Down (speeding.)
NIGHT VISION. It takes your eyes about
twenty minutes to readjust to night driving
conditions after you've left a brightly lit house
or restaurant.
■ ’V •
mm m,
Reqisfer for Jerri Lurie Dress and
.ynlfbTpresenr *

'Ar Free Gift Wrap
★ Alterations
Embossed Leather
! i
Open Until 8 p.m. Now thru Dec. 23rd!
Nell's Fashions
108 Commercial Ave.
ur Big Annual
For Colemon County
Through December 31, 1981
For Only..
In Coleman Count
(Rates higher outside Coleman County du# to
higher postage and handling charges)
Clip and Mail J
To: Chronicle & Democrat-Voice
P. 0. Box 840
Coleman, Texas 76834
Please accept my in-county subscription to the
Coleman newspapers for one year. My check for $9.95 is
□ I am receiving the paper at this time
□ i am not receiving the paper
(Please Check One)
Chronicle &

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Coleman County Chronicle (Coleman, Tex.), Vol. 49, No. 4, Ed. 1 Thursday, December 17, 1981,newspaper, December 17, 1981; Coleman, Texas. ( May 15, 2024),University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; crediting Coleman Public Library.

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